Elon’s Mill Point sparks reactions, anticipation

Photo credit Stephanie Butzer

The new Station at Mill Point. Photos by Stephanie Butzer

Photo credit Stephanie Butzer

One of the houses at the Station at Mill Point.

By Stephanie Butzer

The Station at Mill Point at Elon University opened in August to encompass 324 junior and seniors.  The neighborhood-style housing allows residents to live as they would if they were off-campus, but still be in close proximity to campus. Even though many students enjoy the luxurious extras Mill Point offers, there is a buzz about how students are not completely satisfied.

The outdoor pool was one of the major pluses students were eager to use on warm afternoons. It is currently the only outdoor pool on campus, and was highly anticipated. However, it has not been received well.

“There have been complaints about the pool and how its not as big as everybody thought it was going to be,” Hannah Knoblauch, junior resident, said. “It’s only been open one day because there’s been all these problems.”

Lack of electricity is also becoming a growing complication. Knoblauch described the frustration of chilly showers.

“Everything is new, including the pipes, so the water isn’t hot yet,” Knoblauch said. “It’s lukewarm. The electricity is still kind of weird. People have had no electricity or the stove doesn’t work and issues like that.”

Many students also complained how they had to go to the mail center in Moseley Center to pick up packages, even though Mill Point has its own mail center.

Courtesy of Elon University

A map of the The Station at Mill Point’s layout. Courtesy of Elon University

The buildings vary in size, structure and color so each one is refreshing and a little different. They are all eco-friendly like the Colonnades Dining Hall and the new Colonnades Residential Halls. The flushing system model in the Colonnades was implemented in Mill Point as well. Garbage and recycling are taken out by workers so it does not pile up in a dumpster.

“I know a lot of campus is jealous,” Knoblauch said. “But it’s something to look forward to – that’s what we’re telling all the underclassmen.”

Merissa Blitz, senior, lives in Mill Point and does not like how many students judge the people who live in the new development. It costs just about as much as living in the Oaks. She feels that people think those who live in Mill point are rich snobs.

“I feel like a spoiled brat when I tell someone I live in Mill Point when, in my normal life, that is not the case,” Blitz said. “I just wanted to live here my senior year because it was going to be a brand new place and, since I want to work in New York City, I will never, ever live in a place this nice ever again.”

Ann Marie Glen, junior, is looking forward to living in Mill Point. She is excited to try and get a spot for the 2013-2014 academic year.

“It sounds pretty posh and they’re advertising it as really classy,” Glen said. “And it’d be really close to all my classes.”

Officials are examining the problems the residents are facing now so Mill Point will remain a desirable place to live for the coming semesters.


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One thought on “Elon’s Mill Point sparks reactions, anticipation

  1. andersj September 12, 2012 at 9:29 pm Reply

    A story on the new housing is a smart story to cover, however, you should ask more than just one person who lives there to share opinions! One is not enough. It should be easy to stroll through there and find more people who can comment. You interviewed two people, yes, but one is not a resident. I think you should enhance this by talking to a few more people and adding in several more different reflections on the new housing. Also, you should copy edit this one more time – if you read it aloud to yourself you will find a few errors you should fix. Good idea – you just need to carry it off with more voices!

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