Elon Color Run paints South Campus

Money goes to Children’s Miracle Network

Photo by Stephanie Butzer

Participants of the Elon Color Run line up in the starting line. Photos by Stephanie Butzer

By Stephanie Butzer

The cross-country course on Elon University’s South Campus is stained various colors. The next rainstorm will wash it away, but for now it holds the remnants of the first ever Elon Color Run, hosted by Elonthon and Campus Recreation.

The runners ran a 2K through the cross-country course. They passed through different stations with varying colors – red, yellow, pink, purple.

Photo by Stephanie Butzer

Runners get splashed with purple powder at the Elon Color Run.

“Running normally isn’t really fun but this was a lot of fun,” Julian Beck, a first-year, said. “It motivated you to keep running instead of walking and that pumped us up. It didn’t feel so hard like normal running.”

Runners could pay $10 to run or $15 to run and buy a shirt. This money went straight to Children’s Miracle Network. More than 800 people signed up to participate, with heavy first-year involvement.

As they came into the finish, their faces were blotched various colors, mixing in with sweat that dripped off their foreheads.

Competition was not nearly as prominent as it is in the yearly Turkey Trot 5K. Many people ran in groups and focused on finishing the 2K with the most color.

Many students said they would participate in the run if they held it next year.

“It was a lot of fun,” Justin Mauersberg , first-year, said. “Very colorful.”


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2 thoughts on “Elon Color Run paints South Campus

  1. andersj October 7, 2012 at 12:40 pm Reply

    It is EXCELLENT that you got out to this extra event – it helps with your frequency and mix of reporting. Of course you should not be using a video clip in which the people are running by and shouting YOUR name. The slide show is great – BTW, it is spelled slide show, officially, but it is one of those words that people alternate the spellings on.

    You need to change “over” to “more than.” Ideally a reporter would get the organizers to estimate the amount of money they raised at the event. It was also good to get the number of registered runners, but the fund-raising was the point. They obviously had to buy shirts and the colors, so a reader can’t just look at the number registered and guess at how much money was raised.

    Hyperlink to a previous story on the Turkey Trot.

    Remember that when you use two or more words in front of a noun to describe that noun you generally hyphenate that compound modifier: first-year student.

    You should mention the fundraising in the headline – writing a second line that helps make it SEO, working in Children’s Miracle Network, which is a great search term to tie into.

    Apply all of these tips to ALL of your work!

  2. andersj October 7, 2012 at 1:09 pm Reply

    Oh, and most important regarding the slide show is that you can’t use Billy Joel’s music unless you have acquired it through a licensing organization – maybe Elon bought rights through the contract it has for music for use by students in classes like DMC and Photojournalism and Visual Storytelling? Otherwise you have to use royalty-free music of some sort.

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