5 Twitter Handles to Follow

1. @fieldproducer – Neal Mann, social media editor, Wall Street Journal

Mann reaches out to people and actively searches for a response. He does not hesitate to be critical towards other Twitter handles when they forget or leave out important or necessary information. Most of his Tweets include links, photos or video. They are not all completely serious news Tweets – his personality often shows.

2. @hackshackers – Account for meet-ups of journalists and technologists

The owner of this Twitter handles Tweets at a lot of people – a good way to spark conversation, whether or not he or she was going to join in. There are about as many Tweets as re-Tweets and most of them include a link.

3. @journodave – David Wyllie, editor, BreakingNews

Wyllie corrects typos, which may seem like a monotonous job, but he does not take it incredibly seriously (in most of his Tweets, anyway). Some of the mistakes he catches are helpful learning devices – many are every day mistakes and not only once-in-a-year goofs. He keeps it interesting and witty, but also professional.

4. @newsmary – Mary Hamilton, deputy SEO editor, the Guardian

Hamilton keeps a close eye on breaking news. She engages in Twitter conversations often, but these conversations are intellectual and interesting to outsiders. She uses Instagram often to show off photography.

5. @macloo, online journalism professor at University of Florida

Mindy McAdams’ handle opens the floor for conversation. Many of her Tweets are question. She has a good variation of stories, thoughts and conversations with other people so that her newsfeed is not too bogged down with one thing or the other. She also Tweets at major news cooperations. Photojournalism and visual storytelling are two main points she repeats many times to drive her students (and followers) to become more involved in that sort of journalism as well.


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