Elon’s NPHC Step Show makes more than a little noise

Photo credit Stephanie Butzer

Performers at Elon’s NPHC Step Show. Photos by Stephanie Butzer

By Stephanie Butzer

McKinnon exploded with stomps, claps and yells last night. Elon’s National Pan-Hellenic Council, the historically African American council of fraternities and sororities, held its traditional step show and opened its doors to the community and student body.

“The step show is basically a tradition for NPHC organizations,” April Sutton, NPHC’s Vice President, said. “It’s been traditionally done for thirty, forty years.”

There are nine total fraternities and sororities under the NPHC. Elon has six of them. The goal for the step show was to have all six, plus some chapters that had previously existed at Elon, perform at the event.

“Our plan is to have as many organizations come and step because the theme of our step shows is ‘Back to Basics,’ which is basically us celebrating our past and focusing on the future,” Sutton said.

Four fraternities and sororities performed, including one visiting group from Virginia Tech. Each group focused on a different theme. The fifteen-minute performances encompassed who the specific Greek organization was and what principles and programs they supported, including scholarship, service and sisterly or brotherly love.

Sutton explained the importance of having an event like this on Elon’s campus.

“It is a big deal because Elon is a predominately white campus and so its basic diversity. I know the university is very big on having diversity on this campus and NPHC is one way of doing that.”

This event has become a tradition of many NPHC’s across the nation, but it has expanded to become enjoyment for countless spectators as well.

To see a gallery of photographs, click here. 


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