Q&A with Homecoming’s artist, Chris Webby

Photo credit Merissa Blitz

Chris Webby performs for Elon’s Homecoming concert. Photo credit Merissa Blitz

By Stephanie Butzer

Chris Webby, a rapper from Connecticut, was one of the two artists invited to play at Elon’s Homecoming concert. After his performance, he discussed the crowd, his music and what lies ahead of him.

Q. How did the performance go?

A. I had fun. I always have fun. I was fighting through a cold right now so it took me a second to get into it. But then I got adrenaline.

Q. Elon has had a few other rappers visit, like Sam Adams and Mac Miller. How do you think you’re different from them?

A. I definitely focus on my lyrics more than anything else. That’s always been my thing. Not that they don’t focus on lyrics but I’m a different artist. I come from a different place. I got a different story to tell.

Q. What are your lyrics generally about?

A. Just what I know about. Everything from girls and drugs to the struggles of my own life, the things that happen, the ups and downs and the life I lead. I think it’s important to have a mixed bag when it comes to the music you make. You can’t always be happy-go-lucky.

Q. Do you have a favorite venue or college campus?

A. My favorite venue is Toad’s Place in Connecticut. It’s my hometown crowd and it’s always wild. The energy level is crazy and it’s always such a great response. I’ve Untitled-1played there probably eight times. It was where my first show was at a showcase when maybe 30 people came out. Now, I’ve sold it out and it’s 1,300 capacity. We always have a good relationship with people who run the show. I always have a lot of family that comes out that night. All my friends come. It’s a whole ordeal.

Q. Is there a performance that sticks out particularly in your head?

A. The first show I did with my dad playing guitar was pretty crazy. We’ve done it a lot since then, but he comes out and plays guitar and it’s pretty wild. He’s from blues and rock. That’s what he does for a living. It’s really cool to do two generations of that on the same stage.

Q. Are you working on anything special right now?

A. I just put out a mixtape that’s going super well. It had over 100,000 downloads in a week. Just keep it rolling from here. I just take it day by day and see where it goes from here. Life is good.


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