Zeta Tau Alpha helps Elon Think Pink

Photo credit Stephanie Butzer

ZTA set up their banner on the front of Elon’s Alamance building. Photos by Stephanie Butzer

By Stephanie Butzer

Photo credit Stephanie Butzer

ZTA sisters baked all sorts of treats to give to people who came to Think Pink.

There is pink everywhere from the sprinkles on cupcakes to lemonade, bright flowers to bobbing balloons and eye shadow to hair extensions.

Lastly, all the members of Zeta Tau Alpha at Elon are dressed in their National Breast Cancer Awareness Month T-shirts, deigned specifically for the Think Pink event.

ZTA’s philanthropy is Breast Cancer Education and Awareness and the sisters of the fraternity planned several events to display in front of Alamance. ZTA decided to hold their event in front of Alamance in hopes students would pass by in between classes.

“It’s a very central location so we can get so many people passing by,” said junior Emily Albertelli. We thought it’d be a great opportunity to have people easily come walk over, it’s not a big hassle and it’s just a fun night.”

Dozens of baked goods were presented on tables and were free for students, faculty members and community members to eat. Upbeat music thumped loudly as participants learned more about ZTA’s work.

“It’s just a really good way to raise awareness and a good way to bring a lot of other people on campus into our philanthropy and involve everyone because we think that it’s really important to involve all of Elon’s community,” Albertelli said.

One of the highlights of the evening was the Yoplait yogurt-eating contest. This company supports Susan G. Komen for the Cure, so all lids were collected and will be donated for breast cancer awareness research. The event is fun raises a lot of money.

Photo credit Stephanie Butzer

An Elon student looks over the baked goods at Think Pink.

“Boys are the funniest because they get really into it,” Lexi Circle, senior, said. “Girls are all trying to eat really fast and still be pretty. The guys just stand up and gulp it down.”

The girls of ZTA put up flyers around campus and posted Facebook statuses about Think Pink, encouraging others to come out to support the cause.

“I feel like everyone knows someone who struggled with it and survived or, unfortunately, didn’t, and so I think its really important to a lot of different people,” Blaire Zackary, senior, said.  “At Elon, there’s a lot of focus on other things but trying to be focused on things that we can actually make a difference on is important.”

Think Pink is ZTA’s largest on-campus event. They have worked with restaurants, such as Pandora’s Pies, Fat Frogg and YoZone, for profit-shares. Pandora’s Pies made their garlic knots in the shape of a ribbon to show their support during the time they worked with ZTA.

The girls had other events, such as a Pink Out soccer game where they dress in pink and the game is played with a pink soccer ball. The players’ shoelaces will also be pink.

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month ends when October closes, but ZTA will continue to spread awareness and raise funds to beat breast cancer.


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