Cookie season: Girl Scouts prepped for annual sale

By Stephanie Butzer

Fifty-one Girl Scout troops in Alamance County passed out boxes of Thin Mints, Peanut Butter Patties and Caramel deLites on Friday, also known as National Girl Scout Cookie Day.

Adult volunteers and young girls gathered at a donated warehouse in Burlington to organize and set up delivery orders of more than 59,544 boxes of cookies.

This number is a little higher than in past years, said Jill Guthrie, product specialist for Service Unit 157.

Maddie Cobb stacks boxes of girl scout cookies onto a palette in Haw River on Friday. Photo by Andrew Krech, Times-News.

Maddie Cobb stacks boxes of girl scout cookies onto a palette in Haw River on Friday. Photo by Andrew Krech, Times-News.

“This is just our beginning,” Guthrie said of the increasing numbers. “It’s our initial setup.”

Guthrie is responsible for coordinating information for these cookie sales. She also helps bring the cookies to the troops and ensures troop leaders have and understand the ordering sheets.

“It’s an exciting and fun time of year,” Guthrie said. “The girls get out and meet the public, learn the skills of communicating and money management. It really gets Girl Scouts out there and gets people aware that we are here. I love to do this sort of thing.”

Nicole Enoch is the Service Unit 157 specialist and cookie cupboards coordinator. As the Service Unit Director, Enoch helps manage over the troops in the county, keeps tabs on their resources and ensures the troops interact with each other to experience the full Girl Scout practice. As the cookie cupboards coordinator, her house serves as a storage unit for extra cookies.

On Friday morning, shipment trucks packed tight with boxes of cookies arrived as two deliveries at the warehouse, where volunteers unloaded them. What used to be taxing physical work has become much easier this year.

“We have access to forklifts,” Enoch said. “In the past years, we have had to manually get the cookies off the truck. This year it will cut back on manpower and the time that it takes.”

The warehouse was not the only place the boxes will be delivered. Enoch’s own home will bring in 1,200 boxes.

On Saturday, Girl Scouts around the county set up booths at popular stores such as Old Navy, Food Lion and Five Below to sell cookies to customers. Enoch said this time of year is cookie season for the girls, but it is also much more.

“It’s a chance that they get to really put skills into place as far as being entrepreneurs and public speaking and managing money,” Enoch said.

Girl Scouts logoGuthrie and Enoch are leaders in a troop. Guthrie leads a troop of Daisies, age kindergarten through first grade, and some Brownies, aged second grade through fourth grade. Enoch is in charge of multi-level troop, consisting of all ages between Daisy and Cadettes, grades 6 through 8.

Girl Scouts is the largest girl-led business in the country. The organization has been encouraging young girls to develop important life skills since the early 1900s.

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