Extra Adventure Blogs

Curation project on environmental journalism

For my Editing & Design class, we were instructed to create a curation topic we could blog about on a weekly basis. I am currently pursuing environmental journalism and I believe this project has given me a great excuse to deeply examine environmental issues and how they are presented to the public. Click here to go to my curation project.



Blog on my one-month adventures in London

I made my “To Wake Up in London” blog in January of 2012, when I traveled to London with some other students and two professors from Elon. We studied social critiques of immigrants in the area through photography and interviews. Click here to go to my To Wake Up in London blog



The Insanity of 26.2

For those of you who know me, you know I enjoy distance running. I will be running the City of Oaks Marathon in Raleigh Nov. 3 and started my second week of training this past Monday (August 5). I have  started a blog about my workouts, the aftermath, my successes, failures, cool articles and things I learn along the way. Click here to go to my Insanity of 26.2 blog.


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